Thursday 21 September 2017

VIDEO: 'It was not as successful as I expected' - man saved from tiger enclosure after falling in 'practicing somersault'

'I was looking for something exciting so I jumped, but the somersault was not as successful as I expected'

A man has been rescued from a zoo’s tiger enclosure after jumping into the compound to practice a “somersault”.

Camera footage from Wangcheng Park in Luoyang shows a man falling from a chairlift onto a protective net above the enclosure, CCTV news reports.

Moments later the unnerved felines, seemingly startled by the visitor, can be seen circling below him.

 A zoo employee was able to isolate the tigers in another area before helping the dare-devil visitor down to safety. 

The 40-year-old visitor told the South China Morning Post: “I thought the net was quite tough.

He later admitted to zoo staff that, in hindsight; he “didn’t do a good somersault”. 

Wang Jianluo, who is responsible for chairlift safety at the zoo, told CCTV: “After hearing that, I don’t know what to say to him.”

The tourist was questioned by police for disturbing public order following the stunt.

He allegedly told officers a thrill of excitement overcame him as he was passing over the enclosure, motivating him to jump down.

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