Friday 21 July 2017

Police step in to halt bloody 'crucifixion'

Anne Barrowclough

WHEN a tiny Australian church decided to remind people that Easter was about more than chocolate, it was thought that re-enacting the crucifixion in a busy shopping mall would do the trick.

But 40 minutes into the display -- which comprised a semi-naked man spattered in red paint, a wooden cross, two women mourners in black and music -- the police shut it down, saying it breached the peace.

Shoppers, taken aback by the bloody man hanging in the mall in Geelong, Victoria, complained that it had reduced children to tears. One mother said her six-year-old son had been particularly worried at the sight of "Jesus" being hurt and had cried out: "Why, why?"

Pastor Sarah Kenneally, of the Heaven on Earth Church, said she had seen no distressed children and that the ban compromised religious freedom.

"It wasn't like we were trying to take over the city, or tell everyone they were going to Hell," she said. "They (the police) just came and yanked the cord out of our amp and said we had to stop.''

A police spokesman said: "It was causing a ruckus. Officers decided they would ask them to stop."(The Times, London)

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