Monday 25 September 2017

French tourists jailed after setting fire to adorable Australian quokka Newsdesk Newsdesk

Two French tourists who used a lighter and aerosol can of deodorant to set fire to a small quokka while working in Australia have chosen to face jail for their actions.

Cousins Thibaud Jean Leon Valette (24) and his cousin Jean Mickael Batrikian (18)  were found guilty of animal cruelty on Friday. The pair faced either a week in jail or a $4000 fine each. They both decided to go to jail rather than pay the fine.

Police were informed that Valette and Batrikian were showing people a video they had recorded of the incident. In the video, both can be heard laughing after the scared animal escapes.

The quokka survived the incident and has been seen wandering around the island with burnt fur on one side of its body. The little creature is a native to Rottnest Island.

The quokka survived the incident with singed fur
The quokka survived the incident with singed fur

It has recently garnered fame online for it's seemingly happy looking face. It is a relative of kangaroos and wallabies. It's estimated that the global quokka population is less than 8,000 today.

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