Monday 22 December 2014

Disturbing footage of drunk boy (9) sparks outrage

Published 09/01/2014 | 15:36

The young boy (9) struggles to stand up as he drinks the 7pc strength pre-mixed Cola and bourbon.
The boy is seen slumped on the ground in the video.

A video posted on YouTube shows the intoxicated young boy struggling to stand up in the Hamilton, New Zealand skatepark.

The youngster was captured on film by a concerned older skater drinking a can of 7pc strength Cody's pre-mixed Cola and bourbon.

In the video he brags about having consumed 18 of these cans.

Shockingly, a young girl tells the cameraman that the boy is “allowed” to drink the cans and that his Auntie gave them to him.

As Bradley Goudie (the cameraman) tries to explain to him that drinking is  “not good, man”,  it is revealed that the child also smokes marijuana.

He also states that this isn’t the first time that he has been drunk and proceeds to shout expletives at the cameraman.

Goudie continues to try and talk sense to the young boy about drinking but the situation becomes more hostile and he decides to leave.

In the description of the video Goudie stated that, “This sort of behaviour is despicable. Not only is the boy in danger, but his behaviour also puts other kids around the skate park at risk.”

Authorities in New Zealand are now investigating the horrifying incident that has sparked outrage across the New Zealand town.

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