Sunday 20 August 2017

Army storms Venezuelan jail to halt riot deaths

Andrew Cawthorne in Venezuela

NATIONAL Guard troops stormed a Venezuelan prison yesterday days after a bloody riot, leaving four troops and one inmate wounded.

At least 22 people have already been killed in the violent prison revolt which erupted last weekend.

Relatives of prisoners have been protesting outside the El Rodeo I prison in, east of Caracas, which was built for 750 inmates and now holds 3,600.

Four troops and one prisoner were wounded by gunshots during the invasion yesterday.

President Hugo Chavez's government has announced a Prisons Ministry to control chaos inside jails where inmates traffic drugs and carry guns.

Twenty-one inmates and one visitor died during gunfights between gangs controlling two blocks at the prison. Media and relatives say the real toll will be higher as more bodies are found.

Irish Independent

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