Sunday 23 July 2017

Tubby orang-utan put on strict diet

Oshine the 100kg orang-utan has been put on a diet
Oshine the 100kg orang-utan has been put on a diet
Oshine the overweight orang-utan has been put on a healthy diet after becoming the fattest primate in Britain

An overweight orang-utan is changing her ways after becoming the fattest primate in Britain.

For Oshine there will be no more sweets, jelly and marshmallows and instead she will be getting a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and plenty of exercise.

The tubby orang-utan weighs in at a whopping 100kg - double her natural body weight.

Keepers at Monkey World in Dorset say they are changing her diet and putting her on fruit and vegetables - like other primates - until she loses her belly.

Oshine arrived at the rescue centre from South Africa having been kept as a pet for 13 years. Her sedentary and unnatural lifestyle meant her weight rocketed.

Her owner first contacted Monkey World in 2008 when she realised that she could not offer Oshine a good or natural lifestyle being kept as a pet.

It has taken time to secure and arrange her arrival at Monkey World, but thanks to South African Airways she landed safely at Heathrow Airport on August 31.

Although a fully-grown adult, Oshine is now living in the orang-utan creche at Monkey World that receives any captive-born babies in Europe whose mothers abandon them.

She is now receiving a more natural, healthy diet and meeting others of her own kind for the first time.

Once she loses weight, gets fitter, and understands more about orang-utan behaviour, she will "graduate" into one of two breeding groups of orang-utans kept at Monkey World, where it is hoped that she can start her own family.

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