Thursday 19 October 2017

People kept turning up at this guy's house wanting pizza due to a Google Maps error

By Zaina Alibhai

The Australian’s house had been labelled as a pop-up pizzeria.

An Australian man was visited by a string of strangers turning up to his home hoping for pizza.

Michael McElwee, 69, was first approached by a man wanting to deliver magazines to a pizza place, but shrugged off the visit thinking they had the wrong address, according to ABC Radio Darwin.

But then another person knocked on his door asking about a job, leading McElwee to realise it was no strange coincidence.

The Darwin resident learned Google Maps had made an error in its navigation service and had labelled his home as pop-up pizzeria Cucina Sotto Le Stelle, which opens in a nearby park throughout certain times of the year.

McElwee told ABC Radio Darwin: “It is like getting your identity stolen. Your house has been stolen and put in as a pizza shop.”

Errors on the map aren’t an uncommon occurrence and can be sorted by reporting them to Google.

A Google spokeswoman told ABC Radio Darwin they were aware of the issue and have since fixed the error.

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