Friday 22 September 2017

Dove's new bottles that come in all shapes and sizes are getting mercilessly trolled

Who knew there were only six body shapes out there?

By Prudence Wade

Dove is committed to showing the diverse face of beauty, and their latest attempt to do so has raised more than a few giggles.

The brand has transposed its values onto the shape of its body wash, making a limited edition run of six “Real Beauty Bottles.” The bottles come in all shapes and sizes to represent all different body types.

Unfortunately, for many the idea of bottles meant to reflect body shapes is just a bit of a weird marketing choice.

One good thing is the creativity it’s sparked on Twitter. Many have immediately jumped in to suggest alternative shapes that could be added to the collection.

In fact, some people really see some glaring omissions.

Whereas others are already sorted, they don’t need Dove’s special bottles.

And some just aren’t sure these bottles really reflect realistic body types.

The bottles have raised more questions than you would expect from body wash. Some think it’s a bit reductive: are these the only body types available?

But, luckily for Dove, not everyone is a hater.

Even though the delivery is *slightly* odd and it’s been exceptionally fun to troll, Dove should still get the props it deserves for challenging society’s unrealistic portrayals of beauty.

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