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Case to answer for over-packers

Published 02/12/2012 | 09:59

Around two-thirds of women use their partner's suitcase to cram in extra items, a survey shows

Men who reckon women pack too much for holidays appear to have a case.

Most women admit they take an excess of clothes away with them, according to a poll by travel agent

And around two-thirds of women use their partner's suitcase to cram in extra items.

A total of 2,317 women in relationships, who had been on holiday with their partner in the last 12 months, were surveyed.

As many as 78% said they had filled their suitcase to the maximum allowed weight when they packed for their last holiday.

And 84% said they had taken away more than they needed, with 67% admitting to putting items in their partner's case.

On average, the "overflow" level reached up to a third of a partner's case, with electrical items such as cameras and hairdryers being the most common things put in.

Women also admitted a penchant for putting toiletries in their partner's case, with 27% of those questioned saying they tended to mix items between bags in case one bit of luggage was lost. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "I think it's well known that women in general pack a lot more into their holiday suitcases than men. I think it's down to the just-in-case mentality that many of us have, like packing for all weather conditions, occasions and eventualities.

"To see that many women fill their own cases and then around a third of their partner's was surprising though; most airlines give quite a generous 20kg allowance for checked-in bags and it's tough to fill that for just a week or two."

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