Friday 22 September 2017

106-year-old fitted with pacemaker

Leslie Dunn with his doctors Allan Harkness and Iqbal Toor (Colchester General Hospital/PA)
Leslie Dunn with his doctors Allan Harkness and Iqbal Toor (Colchester General Hospital/PA)

A 106-year-old great-grandfather has been fitted with a pacemaker after collapsing while making a cup of tea for friends.

An ambulance was called after Leslie Dunn, of Colchester, Essex, lost consciousness in his flat.

While Mr Dunn, who has two great-grandsons, was recovering on a ward at Colchester General Hospital following his admission last week, a monitor detected that his heart was occasionally beating too slowly and doctors decided he needed a pacemaker.

Dr Allan Harkness, the cardiologist who performed the operation, said that as far as he was aware only a few people older than Mr Dunn had ever been fitted with a pacemaker, including a 107-year-old man in Scotland.

He said: "His story shows how some patients are managing so well at an extremely advanced age and that we don't view age as a barrier to treatment.

"We've been fitting pacemakers at Colchester General Hospital since 2006 and previously, the oldest patients have been two 101-year-olds."

Mr Dunn, who retired from the Coldstream Guards as a major in 1956, underwent the hour-long procedure under local anaesthetic. He is expected to return home early next week.

The only other medication he takes is one pill a day for his prostate, Dr Harkness said.

By 2066 there will be half a million people aged 100 or more in Britain, according to figures published this week by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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