Tuesday 21 October 2014

Woman who lost out on dream home set up fake explicit online sex ad pretending to be new owner

Published 11/04/2014 | 16:37

Two story single family house with driveway
The woman was furious after losing out on her dream home. (Stock photo)

A CALIFORNIAN woman who lost out on her dream home in a bidding war didn’t take the loss with good grace.

Kathy Rowe was reportedly so furious at missing out on the Carmel Valley property that she impersonated the new owner in a sexually-explicit online ad.

Police became involved over worries the ad could have incited someone to attempt to rape the new homeowner.

In the ad she asked men to ‘force their way’ into the property and ‘take me while I say no’.

She titled the ad ‘The Carmel Valley Freak Show’, encouraging men to contact the woman for sex when her husband was working.

After receiving several responses, Rowe allegedly told one of the men ‘to just stop by any Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.’

Prosecutors also allege Rowe took out advertisements listing the home as ‘for sale’.

She also sent valentines cards form the woman’s husband to local women.

Rowe has claimed her actions were just ‘prankish behaviour’.

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