Sunday 25 January 2015

Pictures: Barack Obama emerges victorious


US President Barack Obama waves as he walks on stage with his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha at his election night party in Chicago. Photo: AP
Michelle Obama hugs her husband at his election night victory party in Chicago. Photo: Getty Images
President Barack Obama hugs Vice President Joe Biden after his speech at his election night party. Photo: AP
Barack Obama looks up as confetti falls after giving his victory speech. Photo: Reuters
President Barack Obama smiles after delivering his victory speech to supporters gathered in Chicago. Photo: AP
A supporter cries as President Barack Obama speaks during an election night party. Photo: AP
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney concedes defeat at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre. Photo: Getty Images
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan hug, and their wives Ann Romney and Janna Ryan hug, after Romney delivered his concession speech. Photo: Reuters
Jon Captain America Angell salutes at the Minnesota Republican election headquarters as Mitt Romney concedes the election. Photo: AP
Mitt Romney, standing under an 'Exit' sign, talks to members of the media aboard his campaign plane en route to Boston, Massachusetts. Photo: Getty Images
US President Barack Obama arrives on stage in Chicago after winning the 2012 US presidential election. Photo: Getty Images
Vice President Joe Biden roars as he celebrates the election win during Obama's election night rally in Chicago. Photo: Reuters
Left: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waves to supporters during his election night victory rally at Grant Park in Chicago on November 4, 2008. RIght: US President Barack Obama arrives on stage in Chicago after being re-elected in the 2012 US presidential election on November 7, 2012. Photos: Getty Images
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden moments after the television networks called the election in their favour, while watching election returns at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park in Chicago, Ill. Photo: White House
US President Barack Obama smiles during his election night victory speech in Chicago. Photo: Reuters
Supporters of US President Barack Obama celebrate the news of his victory outside the White House in Washington, DC. Photo: Reuters
The Empire State Building in New York is lit up with blue light, the colour of the Democrats, to represent another four years for President Obama... Photo: Reuters
The Empire State Building is lit up in blue, the color of the Democrat party. Photo: Reuters
...The Empire State Building had been lit up in red, white and blue, tracking real-time voting results of the 2012 Presidential Election. Photo: Getty Images
People celebrate in Times Square, New York, after Barack Obama was projected to win the presidential election. Photo: Reuters
A campaign sign left by Mitt Romney supporters sits on empty chairs at a Republican election night party in Las Vegas. Photo: AP

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