Wednesday 28 June 2017

Discovery set for final landing

Space shuttle Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Centre (AP/Nasa)
Space shuttle Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Centre (AP/Nasa)
The space shuttle Discovery is seen from the International Space Station after the two orbital spacecraft separate (AP)
Discovery will be put on display at a museum after its final mission into space (AP)

Space shuttle Discovery is preparing to return to Earth, ending its last ever mission into space.

The world's most-travelled spaceship is due to land in Florida at about 5pm UK time, and Nasa says weather conditions are perfect for a textbook landing.

Discovery and its six astronauts are returning from the International Space Station where the crew delivered and installed a new storage compartment, complete with a humanoid robot.

Nasa's oldest shuttle has flown 39 missions over nearly 27 years and is being retired after this voyage as the shuttle programme draws to a close.

Discovery will then be decommissioned and put on public display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

The shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis both have one more mission each in the next few months, and then they too will be retired.

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