The serious business of being Victoria Beckham

The designer did not get any sleep before she showed her new collection in New York

Look back at pictures of Victoria Beckham from a mere six years ago and it’s apparent how far along she’s moved her image.

Delve a little further into her unstylish past and it seems incredible that the well-turned out 38-year-old used to have ‘torpedo’ bosoms (her description); platinum hair and favoured the kind of corset dresses that always look a little bit cheap. How we would have laughed if we’d been told that fast-forward to 2013, not only would her own personal style be lauded but that her label, Victoria Beckham which launched in 2008, would make her the toast of the fashion world.

Her utter transformation from girl band member to respected fashion designer has been complete.

It would appear that everything we used to think about Victoria Beckham is wrong.

She’s not sulky – the reason she always looks like she’s petulantly pouting is because she’s insecure about her smile. She does in fact have a sense of humour.  She’s not some celebrity dilettante dipping her toes into clothes design because she is desperate to capitalise on Brand Victoria Beckham, but her collections have been commerical successes.  She appears to genuinely love clothes, although she recently acknowledged that from a financial viewpoint, she doesn’t have to work. She says that she needs to work, to prove that she can be successful independently of her famous footballer husband and the rest of the Spice Girls.

But the biggest about-face that we’ve had to overcome in relation to our perceptions of Victoria is that she is not high maintenance. It’s been something she’s been claiming for a few years now but you couldn’t not suspect that this was the usual celeb down playing of a lifestyle where you have a manicurist, dermatologist, make-up artist, personal trainer and hairdresser on speed dial

But given her appearance when she showed her collection at New York fashion week, we’re actually inclined to believe that she doesn’t get that worked up about her appearance.

Truth be told, she looked quite wrecked. The hair was quite messy; the make-up was minimal – in fact the forehead was a little shiny and the outfit, although chic, was very understated.  When did VB start wearing jeans in public?


Apparently Victoria hadn’t had any sleep the night before her show. You could be cynical and suggest that her appearance was a calculated move to prove how very seriously she takes the label and how much she’s evolved style-wise.

But if it was, she didn’t have to because the clothes spoke for themselves. The sexy-but-demure cocktail dresses, pixie boots, capes, and midi length skirts had fashion editors salivating and her reputation as someone who designs the kind of clothes that women really want to wear has been cemented.


Now, if only we could afford that €2500 excess price tag for one of her dresses.

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