That's quite the makeover! Katie Holmes embraces old Hollywood glamour

Actress Katie Holmes is proving that the best revenge of all really is looking good.

While she is once again in the tabloids over her former marriage to Tom Cruise, and his subsequent lawsuit over allegations he's an 'absent father' to daughter Suri, Katie is posing in front of the camera.

The former Dawson's Creek star is the focus of Bobbi Brown's latest Christmas campaign, and embraces old Hollywood glamour at its finest.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s publicist reportedly accused Katie Holmes of working closely with tabloids during their split.

The 51-year-old initiated a $50 million court case against the publishers of Life & Style and In Touch magazines over a cover story they ran claiming he “abandoned” their seven-year-old daughter Suri.

TMZ claims to have now obtained emails from Tom’s publicist, Amanda Lundberg, that were allegedly sent to members of the actor’s legal team. In these messages Amanda apparently accuses Katie’s publicist and hair and make-up people of “feeding” stories to In Touch.

Amanda blames one member of the actress’ staff for “speaking to the press constantly”, according to the report.

Katie Holmes has been the face of Bobbi Brown for over a year 
Katie Holmes has been the face of Bobbi Brown for over a year 

“She is the one saying – [Katie] is disciplinarian and [Tom] is spoiling and so on,” the purported email reads.

"[Katie’s publicist] leslee sloan calls the paparazzi every time K gets ready to leave the building as the doormen are always surprised how they suddenly show up when she is about to leave (sic),” she writes.

Amanda also supposedly fumes over Katie’s team’s refusal to help them do damage control. In another email reportedly sent directly to Katie’s camp, she pleads for assistance.

"Can you guys comment and deny this as we all know this is not true,” she writes, begging, "Help?!!!"

In documents from Tom’s leaked deposition this week, the actor shunned In Touch’s claims he “abandoned” Suri following his July 2012 divorce from her mother.

"I have in no way cut Suri out of my life - whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise,” he allegedly wrote, adding, “Even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close."

Tom did, however, admit that between June 18, 2012 and November 22, 2013 he saw the little girl only ten days, and during one period did not see her for more than 100 days, according to TMZ.

The actor is said to have admitted that disagreements over his controversial religion of Scientology were a factor in his split from Katie.

“That was one of the assertions, yes,” he said when pressed by lawyers for Bauer Publishing house.

Tom reportedly admitted Suri is no longer a member of the religion.

Katie’s spokesperson has not commented on the claims.

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