Saturday 31 January 2015

I'm a Celebrity Best Moments


No. 11. Helen Flanagan shower (2012)
Since she was revealed as a contestant on 'I'm a Celebrity', last year, the inevitable: 'Will she do a Myleene shower' question emeged. And on day one in the jungle, Helen didn't disappoint, taking herself off to the famous waterfall shower for a dip.
No 10. Dean Gaffney's Bush Tucker Trial (2006)
After being voted into the show by the public, before he was even allowed into camp, Gaffney had to undergo a Bush Tucket Trial first. The EastEnders star faced a series of "beauty treatments", including a "shampoo" in which he had to lean his head back into a bowl of cockroaches, while grasping for stars to feed the camp. Gaffney was made to put his hands into boxes of creepy crawlies and climb into a box filled with rats. He won a total of nine stars and the hearts of viewers. The YouTube video of the trial with Gaffney shouting: "Oh please, oh please, it's rats!" has been viewed over 80,000 times.
No. 9. Marc and Cerys' Jungle Romance (2007)
He had a girlfriend when he went to Australia, but that didn't stop the Italian Lothario wooing Welsh singer Cerys Matthews. She fell hook, line and sinker for him and producers and viewers were delighted with the blossoming love story. The couple managed to get plenty of OK magazine covers out of their romance, before splitting three months after they returned from the jungle.
No. 8. Myleene Klass suds up (2006)
Cynics would say that the turning point of Myleene Klass' career was her insistence on showering on a skimpy bikini in front of the cameras during the 2006 series. Nice girl Myleene eventually finished second, but her career was the outright winner that year. She subsequently became a TV presenter, the face of Marks and Spencer, a recording artist, an author and a magazine columnist. And the bikini? She auctioned it for charity and raised £7500.
No. 7. Shuan Ryder and Gillian McKeith's School Dinners Bush tucker Trial (2010)
For the gross School Dinners Bush tucker trial, Shaun Ryder and Gillian McKeith had to eat the foulest food imaginable - including crocodile penis, worms and bull's tongue. Gillian point blank refused to eat four of the five dishes, blaming it on her being a vegan. Shaun though proved himself worthy of the jungle crown as he ate everything that was given to him without flinching. When it came to the croc penis, Gillian was emphatic: "I'm not eating it. There's no way I'm going to eat a penis..."
No. 6. Johnny Rotten quits the jungle (2004)
The former Sex Pistol sensationally quit the jungle claiming he didn't want to become the next Des O'Connor. The 48-year-old ancharist had been favourite to win, but left saying that booting off contestants was "humiliating" and blasted producers: "We are human beings. Respect us."
No. 5. Paul Burrell's Hellish Holes (2004)
He was the former butler wanting to appear the tough man, he even had his ear pierced going on the show, but when Paul Burrell was faced with a few hidden horrors in dark holes, he cried like a baby. He squealed and gasped his way through, delving into a rock face full of creatures to get stars all the while saying: "Move over darling, let me get the star."
No 4. David Gest's Tall Tales (2008)
Everyone thought David Gest was going to be a weirdo, and it turned out he was - but in a strangely lovable fashion. His tales of his maid, Vaginica Seaman, saw him scoop an award for the funniest person on a reality TV show. As Jason Donovan checked David's nose for stray hairs, Gesty entertained with talk of a charity he was supposedly helping, called 'Chinese Girls With Herpes'.
No 3. Tara Palmer Tompkinson and Darren Day's sexual chemistry (2002)
Tara Palmer-Tompkinson and Darren Day were snuggling one minute and sniping the next in the 2002 series. After one huge fight, Tara admitted, "I'll tell you why I am very uptight. It's because I think you are so f***ing sexy." What viewers missed though was when the whole group settled down for the night; Darren tried to take off his mike, looked over at Tara and said to her they should go somewhere private.
No. 2. Jordan and Peter's Fumble in the Jungle (2004)
It was a time before Alex Reid and Argentinean toy boys. The chemistry was real and we too fell a little in love with Andre and his six pack. Five years later, they had split bitterly, but there was universal elation at their rumoured reunion in the 2009 Jungle. But it was not to be, and Jordan admitted on leaving the jungle that she still had strong feelings for Andre.
No. 1. Kerry Katona is crowned queen of the jungle(2004)
Watch on You Tube as the cute as a button Kerry wins the title and then cry like a baby when hubby Brian McFadden surprises her by showing up. If we had a time machine this is the moment we would go back to and make them live happily ever after.

With I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2012 kicking off, we look back at some of the show's best moments....

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