How did Cara Delevingne prepare for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Dominos and Call of Duty

Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevigne shunned traditional model diets by stuffing herself with Dominos while playing Call of Duty.

It's not exactly the traditional way a model prepares for the runway, but Delevingne doesn't play by the rules.

While her catwalk colleagues were upping their workouts and embarking on juice diets, the British supermodel was indulging in Dominos.

"I went to Juice Press yesterday and had a juice, but really I haven’t done much to prepare," she told Grazia Daily.

"I actually found out quite late that I was doing the show because of my filming schedule. The new Call of Duty came out so I’ve been playing that like crazy and eating Dominos pizza. And Dominos chicken strippers, all 21 of them."

As for who she thinks has the best Victoria's Secret body, she said she loves curves and credits 'those Brazilians' for their figures.

"What are they doing over there, how do they do it? It's just incredible," she added.

"I love curves, I’m all about curves. I don’t have many which is really sad, but I think the more the better."

As the lingerie giant exclusively employs the busiest supermodels in the world, Cara said the best part of the world renowned show is getting together with her model friends.

"The best thing is that we all get a chance to hang out together and catch up with all the girls," she said.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

Its always so busy and its just nice to get together."

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