Designer John Galliano talks for first time on anti-semitic rant

Galliano wears a simple pale blue shirt and navy jacket while looking somewhat drawn and downcast.

Excerpts from John Galliano's first TV interview since he was fired from Dior for an anti-Semitic outburst have been released ahead of its full broadcast tonight.

John Galliano's interview with US talk show presenter Charlie Rose will be broadcast in the UK tonight on the Bloomberg TV channel at 10pm.

Ahead of its airing, the show has released a number of excerpts and clips from the hour-long interview, in which the former Dior designer and host can be seen sitting it a featureless studio on either side of a wooden table.

Galliano is seen looking far from the extroverted performer we became accustomed to during his time as one of the world's foremost designers, and wears a simple pale blue shirt and navy jacket while looking somewhat drawn and downcast.

"You recognise that what you said was hateful, vile, anti-Semitic?" asks Rose, a well-known television interviewer in the US. "I do. I apologise. And I am trying to make amends in the best way that I can," replies Galliano, before going on to say that he takes full responsibility for his addictions and the resulting behaviour that they caused.

"The drinking did creep up on me very slowly. It started cyclically. After each collection, after each creative high, there'd be this crash. And then were these -- I used the drink to stop the voices," he admits, going on to say that at times he "was acting like God."

Rose also touches on the subject of Alexander McQueen, Galliano's design luminary who committed suicide in 2010, asking what he understood about McQueen's decision to take his own life.

"That loneliness, that pain, that -- I mean, as addicts, we're in such perfection. We're setting that bar impossibly high," replies Galliano. "We don't understand why we're doing it. And people say 'wow, how are you going to top that?' And we're like, yeah, we're going to. Don't worry. That's what, you know, makes us wake up in the morning. I was very sad."

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