What to eat day-to-day nutrition plan

Ripe pears

DAY 15

* Two boiled eggs with one slice of wholegrain toast

* Chicken salad

* Brown pasta with chicken, peppers and tomatoes

* Pear

DAY 16

* Mixed fruits with natural yoghurt and honey

* Hummous with wholegrain Ryvita

* Baked salmon with mediterranean veg

* Orange

DAY 17

* Two poached eggs with grilled mushroom

* Thick vegetable soup

* Steak with green beans and spinach

* Apple

DAY 18

* Two slices grilled bacon (no fat) and 2 grilled tomatoes

* Turkey salad

* Tomato and onion omelette

* Cashew nuts

DAY 19

* Mixed berries with natural yoghurt and honey

* Brown bread sandwich with chicken and mixed salad

* Grilled hake with vegetable ragout

* Almonds

DAY 20

* Tomato and spinach omelette

* Smoked salmon salad

* Brown rice with vegetables

* Kiwi

DAY 21

* Your choice

* Thick vegetable soup

* Treat Day

* Kiwi

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