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Diana comes a-haunting...

Published 31/12/2012 | 06:00

Rumour has it that the Diana movie will test Watts's acting chops more than just that.

If you thought there was just one Prince's wife who would be dominating the headlines this year, what with arrival of the royal progeny looming, think again.

Luckily for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, she's going to be sharing the spotlight in 2013 with her now deceased mother-in-law. Because the already pretty high-profile Ghost of Diana has her biggest year yet coming up.

For one thing, she's got a new movie out. The eponymous Diana will be all about her in her more earthly incarnation.

In it, we'll get to see Naomi Watts creating a load of iconic Diana moments; such as sitting at the end of a yacht diving board looking pensively off into the distance, smilingly embracing a small child, and most importantly of course, gazing up coyly at a paparazzi lens through mascara'd lashes and a long fringe.

Rumour has it that the Diana movie will test Watts's acting chops more than just that.

But exactly how remains to be seen. She'll be wearing bad 1980s clothing, which is a bit of a test in itself, though as a star herself, she's well used to grappling with the business end of a paparazzi lens, so that should help with her method.

The Ghost of Diana has always been a rather troublesome, controversial sort of public figure, and the one that the Duchess of Cambridge surely has a slightly vexed relationship with, since she's been going around wearing her wedding ring, and enduring endless comparisons with the Ghost every time she cuts her hair.

But at least this year, she might be grateful that she's not the only one labouring under the Ghost's shadow. Naomi is joining her, and perhaps a shadow shared will prove to be a shadow halved.

Julia Molony

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