Xposé presenter Lisa Cannon to become a power lifter, in just eight weeks

Lisa Cannon from TV3 hits the weights at the gym. Pic Paul Sharp
Lisa Cannon from TV3 hits the weights at the gym. Pic Paul Sharp

From the red carpet to lifting 100kg weights, TV presenter Lisa Cannon is ditching the heels and taking up a new hobby.

Lisa is set to take on the ultimate challenge as the Xposé presenter, who was once ‘allergic’ to exercise, is training to become a competitive power-lifter in just eight weeks.

“On paper it looked great but now it’s the terrifying part,” Lisa told independent.ie.

“I’m a novice at the moment so I have eight weeks to become a professional power-lifter.

“It is a ferocious task,” she added, “but I am strong-minded and I can focus.”

Lisa, who is five foot three, will have the cameras on her as she follows her strict diet and training regime throughout the next two months.

“I’m a normal girl with lumps and bumps and part of the challenge is to tone up, but the main focus is being able to lift over 100kg at the Power-lifting Championships on April 5.

“It’s basically like having Brian O’Driscoll on my back,” she laughed.

“I wouldn’t really be into fitness, I was quite allergic to it really so this is all new,” she continued.

“I’m already a week in and I’m finding it hard to skip the sweets and the couple of glasses of wine.”

Lisa has added four intense training sessions a week to her already-busy schedule but she’s grateful for the support at home.

“Richard thinks it’s phenomenal,” she said of her fiancé.

"He is really proud of me, he's an athlete and has been playing sport for years.

"It's just a case of putting int the man hours, or the woman hours, now."

Lisa's journey from presenter to power-lifter will feature in an hour-long documentary on TV3 in April. Her progress will also be followed weekly on Ireland AM.

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