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Waiting for Baby Brippa

Published 05/11/2012 | 06:00

Pippa O'Connor set to battle it out with husband Brian on 'Celebrity Bainisteoir'
Pippa O'Connor set to battle it out with husband Brian on 'Celebrity Bainisteoir'

It's an exciting time for showbiz couple Brian and Pippa as they await their first child

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'TO me, a happy wife is a happy life," says TV presenter Brian Ormond with a chuckle. "Once you have your family, friends, health and happiness in your life, what more could you want?"

As it happens, both Brian and his model wife Pippa O'Connor are fizzing with happiness these days, having recently announced that they are expecting their first baby in April. Given that its parents are two of the brightest stars in the Irish showbiz firmament, it is safe to say that Baby Brippa is one of the most-anticipated of the celebrity buns currently cooking in the oven.

"I'm very excited," says Pippa. "The moment you see your baby for the first time on the screen and hear their heartbeat, you feel an overwhelming sense of protectiveness. You can't believe that this little being is yours, and straight away, your mindset changes."

The pregnancy has topped off a great year for the warm and bubbly pair, as two previously difficult situations came to very happy conclusions. The first was that having been stripped of his title after he won gold at the Athens Olympics and his horse subsequently tested positive for a prohibited substance, Pippa's brother Cian thrilled the nation and proved himself to be a real hero when he won the bronze medal in showjumping at the London Olympics this summer.

"I'm so proud of Cian," smiles Pippa, who also has a sister Susanna and is very close to her parents, Louise and Tadhg. "Being in London and seeing him win a medal for our country was unbelievable and I'll never forget it. He's an inspiration to us all, and I really admire him as he's so hardworking and focused on his goals and he always achieves them."

The second situation involved Brian's career, as the newlyweds came back from honeymoon last year to the disappointing news that Brian wasn't going to be presenting RTE talent show, The Voice of Ireland.

"That's the name of the game," Pippa says, philosophically. "You can't get everything you want, but it was hard for Brian as he really wanted it and thought the job was his. It wasn't the greatest start to our married life, and it was hard for me to see him so upset and down, but he got over it and moved on."

Since then Brian was delighted to get the job of presenting The Big Money Show on RTE over the summer, and says he had "an absolute ball" working on it. He will also be joining the team for the re-launch of the new Lotto draws, and is quick to credit Pippa for her support and encouragement. "I can't wait, as there's a new set and some new faces," he reveals. "Pippa is very honest, loyal and most of all, loving. I think for a relationship to work, you need to know that the person closest to you has your back and is there for you 100 per cent.

"I am so lucky to have found that in Pippa and I love her with all of my heart. She has a great personality and is fantastic fun on a night out, and we miss each other terribly when we're apart.

"The only thing that drives me mad about her is that she likes to have the house in order. So if I go upstairs and forget to bring up the clean clothes, she'll shout after me, 'Wasted journey!'"

Brian is from Clondalkin in Dublin, and comes third in a family of six children. He says he admires his parents, Jess and Mick, for giving them a fantastic childhood.

He has a 12-year-old daughter, Chloe, from a previous relationship, and she is, he reveals, really excited about the new arrival. "Chloe is over the moon," he says. "She's constantly asking questions, and I think she's at the perfect age for a new brother or sister."

Brian shot to fame in the talent show Popstars, and when Pippa first met him at model Sara Kavanagh's birthday party in 2007, she told him she thought he was cute when she saw him on the show.

"It was the worst thing I could have said," she sighs, amusedly, explaining that Brian teases her by comparing her to Katie Holmes, who had posters of Tom Cruise on her wall growing up.

"Don't know how she fancied me back then with my old hairdo!" he laughs.

Pippa and Brian say that their marriage last year has brought them even closer -- and it even survived that infamous incident where Brian was so captivated at the sight of her bottom as she looked out at the view from their hotel window that he decided to tweet a pic of it. The image of Pippa's pert bum in a tiny pink thong landed in all the papers, but her naughty husband clearly charmed his way out of trouble.

"Brian is extremely funny," says Pippa. "He has a lovely way about him and will give everybody time, and he's genuine, confident and caring. I like confidence in a man, but not arrogance, and he is charming and cool. What drives me mad is he's OCD about deodorant -- it has to be a certain brand and he has a few bottles of it on the go at any one time!"

As a model with the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency, Pippa says that she's not worried at all about her figure changing while pregnant.

She also has no intention of "eating rings around" her either, she says, as that wouldn't be healthy for her or the baby. "As a model, I've always been in control of how I look so now I'm just going to let nature take its course. I'm looking forward to having a bump! It's a whole new exciting chapter for Brian and I, and I'm very appreciative and happy to have someone like him that I adore so much in my life."

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