Saturday 24 June 2017

The Edge with Barry Egan: Flatley gets frisky with flute

Michael and Niamh-Flatley
Michael and Niamh-Flatley
Darren Clarke and wife, Alison Campbell
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

What is lacking in a lot of superstars these days is spark, soul, spontaneity. You could never accuse the great Michael Flatley of this.

The Lord, as he's fondly known, turned up unannounced last month in The Frisky Irish Whiskey Bar in Cork with his beautiful wife Niamh and played the flute to the amazement of the patrons. Flatley playing his instrument in a Frisky place? Who'd have thunk it? The very hip new establishment upstairs at the Oliver Plunkett Pub in the real capital of Ireland officially opened its doors on Thursday and has also played host to Phil Coulter.

Back on the other end of the island, Darren Clarke is flying into Belfast from the Players golf tournament in Florida on May 12 for a special event at the Europa Hotel. Special because his lovely wife Alison Campbell is hosting the Miss Northern Ireland pageant. As well as owning the Miss Northern brand, Alison is a former Miss Norn Ireland herself. No wonder Dazza's dashing back across the Atlantic.

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