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Sex lives and video tapes...

John Costello recalls the celebs made famous by their own raunchy camera work

Web hit: Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's honeymoon antics very popular
Web hit: Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's honeymoon antics very popular

John Costello

Jennifer Lopez may have starred in big-budget blockbusters, but it is her low-budget sex tape that currently has tongues wagging in Hollywood.

A Los Angeles judge has blocked her ex-hubbie from releasing How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo And Ojani Noa Story, apparently containing footage of Lopez "in a revealing lack of clothing, and in sexual situations".

The mega star is currently suing Noa for $10m for invasion of privacy and is attempting to stop the release of the home video filmed while the pair, whose marriage lasted 10 months, were on honeymoon.

Nowadays celebrities being caught on camera while starring in their own home-produced erotic escapades has become a pretty common occurrence, but not so back in 1988 when the first sensational sex tape scandal rocked Tinseltown.

Rob Lowe wooed audiences in the likes of St Elmo's Fire in the 1980s, but the former Brat Pack star's infamous sex-tape scandal brought his reign as Hollywood heartthrob to a screeching stop.

The raunchy reel showed Lowe at a hotel with two young females, one who turned out to be just sweet 16. The second part of the scandalous sexcapade featured Lowe and his producer friend Justin Moritt having saucy sex with a young American model in a hotel room in Paris. This footage became the first commercially distributed celebrity sex tape and resulted in Lowe's career nosediving.

It took a stint in rehab for sex addiction and many years of careful rebuilding before Lowe managed to salvage his reputation. But now it seems fame, fortune and the obligatory sex tape are all part and parcel of being a celeb. So we decided to press rewind on the most sizzling homemade sex tapes to find the seven most sinful celebrities that have go lowdown and dirty in front of the camcorder.

The 'Baywatch' babe

Buxom Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson not only married Tommy Lee in 1995 after a courtship lasting a mere 96 hours, but then decided to spend her honeymoon filming their sexual gymnastics.

The resulting flick made Anderson and Lee Hollywood's first couple to endure a sex tape scandal as their raunchy romp appeared on the web for the world to see. The pair split and after several failed marriages Anderson is currently on the prowl for her next ex-husband.

My sex tape hell

American soul singer and occasional rapper R Kelly's camcorder shenanigans nearly landed the Grammy winner in the slammer. Kelly was charged with 14 counts of child pornography after a tape surfaced allegedly showing him having sex with an underage girl.

He told MTV at the time that the man on the tape was not him and put the whole tawdry affair down to payback for a business relationship turned sour with the girl's aunt. It took more than six years for Kelly to clear his name in court and gave the likes of Jay Leno licence to quip, "Boy, it was hot today, wasn't it? I was sweating like R Kelly at the Miss Teen USA Pageant."

Frisky Farrell and the Playboy Bunny

Bad boy Colin Farrell did Ireland proud when he joined the ranks of Hollywood elites with intimate home movies. But Farrell was so irked with his Playboy centrefold ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain that he sued her after accusing the sex kitten of leaking the 14-minute sex tape they made in 2003.

Even though Farrell successfully blocked the tape from distribution in January 2006, copies appeared online. But, many men took solace that apparently the super stud's sexploits only lasted 14 minutes.

A night in the Hilton

In 2003 there was one question on everyone's lips -- who the f*ck is Paris Hilton? But when One Night in Paris, the naughty sex tape she made with then boyfriend Rick Salomon, hit the video stores the hotel heiress became headline news fodder.

The DVD went on to sell over 500,000 copies, but rather than crumble with embarrassment the socialite spun the scandal into a career move. She used her newfound notoriety to become a reality TV star, model, singer, designer and author (no sniggering down the back).

A very Blue Peter

Abi Titmuss went from being an anonymous nurse to lads mags centrespread after a smutty video of her in a threesome with TV presenter John Leslie and an anonymous woman surfaced online.

She boasted at the time, "I'm not like those glamour girls who say: 'I'm really dirty, I'm really bad', then just pose around. I really am dirty and bad -- I love sex." Blue Peter indeed.

Mini-Me madness

You don't have to be buff or beautiful to star in your very own celebrity sex tape. Just ask Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies). But while Troyer was putting his pinkie finger in his mouth and demanding "the sum of one million dollars" in 2008 for invasion of privacy, some wondered if it was a mere coincidence the sex tape hit the headlines as the star was promoting his movie The Love Guru.

A Diamond in the buff

They usually are sizzling and sexy, but some celebrity sex tapes could turn anyone off rumpy pumpy for life. Take Dustin Diamond's 2007 romp. Yup, he's the bloke who played Screech in American TV sitcom Saved by the Bell and was caught in a bubble bath with two co-eds.

Rumours raged that he authorised the release to help boost his flagging career. Either way, everybody may love a diamond in the rough, this Diamond in the buff was a real turn off.

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