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Pippa Middleton party book knocked down to half price as customers less than impressed

Pippa Middleton party book knocked down to half price as customers left less than impressed

Published 14/11/2012 | 13:50

Pippa Middleton launches her new book

SALES of Pippa Middleton's party planning book have been so disappointing that Amazon has discounted it up 50 per cent.

Pippa Middleton's new book, Celebrate, has already fallen to a disappointing 189th on the bestseller list, being roundly beaten by Jamie Oliver, a One Direction calendar and Peppa Pig.

It is now being sold online for just £12 (€14), less than half the original coverprice.

Retailer Amazon has resorted to emailing customers to advertise it directly, placing it at the very top of its recommended list in a message entitled "Celebrate".

It is further promoted on the website as a "fully illustrated and beautifully designed book packed with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas".

The book's lack of success comes despite a substantial publicity campaign, including a launch party featuring Miss Middleton and coverage across the globe.

The author was paid a €500,000 advance for her work.

The 416 page book has already been ridiculed for its simple approach, with Christmas tips including words of wisdom such as: "Turkeys are perfect for feeding larger gathering".

A chapter on entertaining children advises: "For parties, wrap a small gift. Sit everyone in a circle and ask them to pass the parcel." Other tips include: "Store cupboards, drawers or boxes should be packed full of useful odds and ends." It also promises "easy and affordable ideas for a successful celebration", with "charming and little-known facts and historical anecdotes for each occasion".

It is currently being beaten in the Amazon bestseller list by the Highway Code, the official Tom Daley calendar and an assortment of so-called "mummy porn".

Despite Amazon's attempt to boost sales, customers appear less than impressed with their purchases.

One reviewer said: "You would think, with the amount of PR and media interest in the author of this book, that she might have written her book carefully, or perhaps even taken some expert advice. Seemingly, not so.

"For reasons best known to Miss Middleton, she has travelled the globe, shamelessly promoting an unbelievable pile of rubbish.

"The book is uninspiring, verging on insulting." Another wrote: "This book is disappointing! I was going to give it as a Christmas present to a few friends but having looked at it I have decided not to. I would be too embarrassed." A third said: "It was most informative. I learnt that turkeys are quite large and therefore useful for feeding a lot of people at Christmas.

"This is a turkey in every way but nevertheless hilarious." The book has already spawned online parodies, including an account dedicated to "Pippa Middleton Tips" on Twitter.

The mischievous author, who is anonymous, offers advice including: "A haircut is a great way to deal with over-grown or untidy hair. Hair salons & barbers can do this for you in exchange for money." Another cheeky suggestion said: "If you fancy a bit of a laugh, watching, reading or listening to comedy can be an amusing way to bring the smiles." When one follower asked for assistance in improving his career, she replied: "Have you been invited to any weddings? Do you have a bottom?"

By Hannah Furness

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