Friday 26 May 2017

One Direction send video message to victim of Colorado school shooting

Jenn Selby

Claire Davis, 17, was badly wounded and left in a coma by 18-year-old gunman Karl Pierson

Surely the last thing anyone needs after being shot in the head is a video message from One Direction?

Not so for 17-year-old Claire Davis, a huge 1D fan who was badly wounded and left in a coma by 18-year-old Colorado school gunman, Karl Pierson.

Pierson is thought to have entered the Ahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado to confront a teacher, only to find she’d already left after she was tipped off.

Tragically, Claire was caught up in the incident at her school and subsequently shot. As was another student, before Pierson is believed to have turned the gun on himself in the school library.

A horrific incident by all accounts, and one unlikely to be forgotten for years to come: not only did it occur at a school just eight miles from Columbine High School, where 14 students were shot dead in 1999, but the images that flooded news channels of students leaving the building in droves with their hands above their heads are moments that can’t be unseen.

So the boyband, who found fame via The X Factor, decided to respond by posting a video message to Davis, who they knew, uncannily, was one of their biggest followers.

"Hi Claire, we've heard you are a big fan and we just wanted to show you some love,” Liam Payne says during the clip.

"What's happened to you is absolutely terrible and it's something we can't bare thinking about so we just wanted to share some love with you and all our prayers are with you and your family.

"Hope you get well soon, lots of love."

Which is really nice of them.

Although it wasn’t a private message, a conference call or even a quick Skype. But a very public YouTube video that’s notched up over 125,000 views.

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