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Nigella sends in removal men to clear her belongings from Saatchi house

By Hayley Dixon

Published 27/06/2013 | 07:27

Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi (EXCLUSIVE)...**** NO ONLINE USAGE BEFORE MONDAY 17th JUNE 07:00HOURS GMT****
Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi out in Mayfair, central London 09/06/13 (EXCLUSIVE)
Food writer, and television presenter Nigella Lawson is seen out with her husband Charles Saatchi at Scott's restaurant in Mayfair, London.
Wearing a black blazer, leggings and a black and red spotted top, Nigella looked upset, as she and Charles had a very animated conversation, watched on by a couple sat next to them, at a table outside.
As Charles was seen holding Nigella's neck, she became more visibly distressed and was seen dabbing her eyes with a napkin and blowing her nose, as she tried to compose herself.
Despite Charles holding his wife's neck on four different occasions during the course of their meal, Nigella stayed with him to finish their lunch, as she drank several glasses of red wine before hailing a cab to take them home.
Although, the tears didn't end there as Nigella was seen holding her face and biting her lip as she got into the cab along with Charles.
And when the couple ended their journey, a rather disconsolate looking Nigella waited for her husband to pay the cabbie and to open their door to finally arrive home.
Nigella seems to have sent a removal team into their £14million Chelsea home.
Wearing a black blazer, leggings and a black and red spotted top, Nigella looked upset.

Nigella Lawson appears to have moved out of her marital home after a van took away her personal possessions including clothes and cookery books.

Despite accepting a caution for assault Charles Saatchi has repeatedly tried to downplay any problems after he was photographed with his hands around her throat – describing the incident as a “playful tiff”.


But in the clearest sign yet that their marraige is on the rocks Miss Lawson, who has been staying in a rented flat since the images became public, seems to have sent a removal team into their £14million Chelsea home.


Photographs published in the Daily Mail show the team removing box after box, with some labelled "cookbooks" and "kitchen".


Th team were directed by her sister, Horatio, as they carried out a food processor, clothes and paintings, fitness equipment, summer hats, toys, toiletries and even a bag of wrapping paper, it is said.


They appeared in the middle of the afternoon, while the millionaire art collector was out.


Miss Lawson was not seen and Saatchi turned up only after team had completed the two runs needed to take away all of the items.


Many of the posessions were apparently taken to a storage facility while the rest were taken to an address in south west London.


Saatchi, 70, this week sought to downplay the significance of further photographs taken at the same meal outside Scott’s, a seafood restaurant in Mayfair popular with celebrities, on June 9.


He said that he was wiping her nose when he was pictured sticking a finger in her nostril during the argument


Sources have also claimed that Miss Lawson, 53, may attempt to escape the intense focus on her marriage by renting a house in Los Angeles, bringing forward her departure to film a second series of her American television series The Taste.


Miss Lawson moved out of the marital home after the pictures emerged and is temporarily staying in a rented apartment in an exclusive private members’ club in Mayfair.


She has since been seen in public without her wedding ring, but has so far made no comment about the incident.

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