Naomi's poor pop at Posh

WHITEWASH: Naomi Campbell's claim Posh doesn't have enough non-white models was a cheap shot

Ding ding ding. We bored peasants have waited yonks for round three of the Posh-Naomi Campbell spat and finally in 2013 it has arrived.

Flashback for those who have more to be worrying about: a few years ago Naomi had the temerity to question whether Posh was really posh – a hurtful query since of course she was only posh compared to the other Spice Girls (ie. not that posh at all, really).

Posh of course responded to this with a flurry of eloquent, almost Swiftian, fury (basically she called Naomi "a massive cow") and eventually the whole thing was sublimated beneath a patina of icy smiles and charity dame co-operation.

Until now.

Naomi may have thrown all her phones at errant maids but there is another arrow in her quiver.

She named Posh last week in a list of fashion designers (also included: virtually everyone else) who don't have enough non-white models in their catwalk shows.

This is clearly an outrageous accusation since Posh's fake tan usage is clear-cut evidence that love sees no colour. Plus she's still friends with Scary and has been on the cover of Indian Vogue.

So sorry, Naomi. The evidence can't be whitewashed. And until Posh designs a range of 'Ku Klux Klam Diggers', we're letting her off the racism hook.

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