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Matthew Fox lost for words over daughter's 1D obsession

Published 08/03/2013 | 12:54

Matthew Fox says he and his soon to be 16-year-old daughter have agreed not to talk about One Direction

Actor admitted he is freaked out that his daughter is a "huge One Direction fan"

The actor appeared on Conan O'Brien's talk show  where he griped about the boyband.

The Lost star says he doesn't understand his teenage daughter Kyle’s obsession with the group.

"She's turning 16 [next month]," Matthew explained. "[The thing that freaks me about it is that] she's a huge One Direction fan. She has this major crush on Harry Styles. No, I haven't been to a One Direction concert. No way would I go!"

Matthew joked he has been trying to educate Kyle on the merits of other music. He says they've had to agree to disagree on One Direction as she becomes upset when he criticises the good-looking lads.

"I'm a huge music fan and we're having that classic father-child argument about music right now, so I'm trying to encourage her to explore music that's outside of... boy bands," Matthew continued.

"Every time she brought up One Direction, I felt it was my responsibility to bust their chops and she'd get very upset so we agreed not to talk about One Direction anymore."

Matthew says things were very different when he was growing up. Rather than have celebrity obsessions, he enjoyed a countryside childhood where he would play with some rather dangerous toys.

"I grew up on a ranch and we goofed around a lot. In summer we got up to a lot of trouble. We had fireworks; we would play around with them. Do as I say, not as I do," he laughed.

"My dad had dynamite. We would help him to use it. We had this creek running under the ranch and it was a necessity as in the winter as it would freeze up, so the dynamite was needed."

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