Tuesday 25 July 2017

'Love/Hate' star Aoibhinn shows off her lighter side

Aoibhinn McGinnity with her character puppet from ‘Anglo: The Musical’
Aoibhinn McGinnity with her character puppet from ‘Anglo: The Musical’
Laura Butler

Laura Butler

'LOVE/HATE' star Aoibhinn McGinnity has told how her latest role makes a welcome change from the crime drama and that she doesn't feel as "heavy" leaving the set.

The 26-year-old has joined the cast of Paul Howard's 'Anglo: The Musical' and told the Irish Independent that she's enjoying "the lighter side" of acting.

Monaghan-born McGinnity, a trained singer and dancer, is playing the part of Fuchsia in the production, at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

"It's been a really calm experience. It's nice to do something light as well, you're not leaving afterwards feeling heavy or like you have to shake it off," she said.

McGinnity has garnered widespread recognition for her character Trish on Stuart Carolan's hit gangland show. Asked what she would like to see Trish take on in the fourth season of the RTE production, McGinnity said: "I just want to keep being challenged. The more tough scenes are ideal. I'd like to keep [stepping up] the character."

'Love/Hate' is up for 11 awards at this year's IFTAs, and while McGinnity did not receive a nomination for her performance, she's hopeful the show will take home many accolades on the night.

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