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Katherine Jenkins opens up on her ‘devastating break-up’

Published 11/03/2013 | 12:05

Katherine split from TV star Gethin Jones in 2011, after accepting his marriage proposal ten months earlier.

Singer has opened up about her "devastating" engagement breakdown.

The opera singer split from TV star Gethin Jones in December 2011, after accepting his marriage proposal ten months earlier.

She has refrained from discussing the split in much detail so far, but has now admitted it was one of the hardest things she has ever dealt with.

"Last year was crazy. It started off in a personal sense in a very devastating way when Gethin and I broke up, and I didn’t know how it was going to work out," she told Woman and Home magazine.

"Then [TV show] Dancing With The Stars happened in America, and then singing at the Olympics and the Jubilee. It was an exciting year, but I didn’t stop working and this year I need to have more balance."

As well as dealing with her heartbreak, Katherine had to get used to hearing people comment on her relationship. She found that incredibly hard, especially as many of the rumours which swirled about were very far from the truth.

"Public break-ups are difficult. Going through that is devastating anyway but when it’s 'out there', people feel free to comment," the 32-year-old remarked.

"That’s weird, and it makes it more difficult. I don’t talk about my relationships ever and I will never disclose what happened, but it always amazes me how people think they know what went on, then judge you on it, when the reality couldn’t be more different."

Katherine posed with her mother Susan for the accompanying photoshoot. She praised her mom for encouraging her to pursue her dreams as a young girl and also spoke about the things in life she still wants to achieve.

"My mom has been brilliant because she understood that it was a passion. My earliest memories are of her being there for me, but not in a 'pushy mom' kind of a way," she explained.

"My big dream is children, and getting married. For women in my business it’s very difficult to decide when to stop. But I can’t wait to be a mom and if – please God – I am, I think it’s a gift and I want to enjoy it. I want two children, or three, and I don’t want to be on tour; I want to see it all – I don’t want to miss anything."


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