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Helen Flanagan blasted for posting photo in lingerie with gun, days after tweeting 'pray for Newtown'

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Published 19/12/2012 | 11:03

Helen has since removed the photos from her Twitter account.
Helen recently competed in 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' on ITV.

CORONATION Street star Helen Flanagan has courted controversy after reposting an image of herself in lingerie holding a gun to her head, just days after the Newtown massacre.

The soap star who appeared in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle last month, has been criticised for her ‘insensitivity and brainless stupidity’ for posting the photo on the day when the first funerals of the 20 young victims of the Sandy Hook massacre took place.

The 22-year-old actress, famed for dressing in revealing clothes, posted the series of photos from a shoot she did in October with the message: “Head F***.”.

The Daily Mail has reported that online fans have been critical of her stunt with one writing: “Helen Flanagan mustn’t have a brain cell on her beautiful body to pose with a gun to her head after what's happened in America.'

The actress had tweeted her concern about the gun rampage on Friday with the post: “Pray For Newtown”.

Following reaction to the lingerie shots, the actress has removed them from her Twitter account, and has claimed she is being bullied by The Sun newspaper which splashed on their front page that she was ‘brainless’ for posting the pic with a gun to her head.

She tweeted: “I am absolutely disgusted in this. Completely cruel. I will absolutely NOT stand for this kind of bullying.”

In a further post she wrote: “What is most disgusting is that it made the front page!!!! How is this even news?! They're the #brainless ones!!!”

Meanwhile it has been announced that the actress will appear on a Christmas ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Celebrity special tomorrow.

Flanagan is to team up with her fellow jungle campmate Rosemary Shrager in a live festive edition of the show.

She said: "It should be great fun and I love the show. I have watched it since I was little and it's legendary."

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