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Golden girl Witherspoon joins Hollywood's infamous mugshot brigade

Published 23/04/2013 | 05:00

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested in Atlanta for alleged disorderly conduct after her husband, talent agent James Toth, was stopped by police on suspicion of drunken driving, online Hollywood magazine Variety reported on Sunday. REUTERS
This photo, taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and released inadvertently by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Monday, June 4, 2007, shows Paris Hilton in a booking mug after her Sept. 7, 2006 arrest.

SHE has made her name off the back of her megawatt smile, squeaky clean image and southern-belle charm.

However, Hollywood golden girl Reese Witherspoon has now proven she is not above diva behaviour.

As her downcast police mugshot circled the globe – the latest in a long list of Hollywood A-listers to grace the police files – it was a far cry from the carefully controlled public persona that the 37-year-old actress has worked so hard to create.

Starting off as a child model, by her early teens she was already making movies, but it wasn't until she landed the role of ditzy Elle Woods in the 2001 comedy 'Legally Blonde' that she secured her spot among the Hollywood elite.

After a number of forgettable rom-coms, Witherspoon showed she could deliver serious acting performances and in 2005 won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in 'Walk the Line'. She can command up to $20m (€15.3m) for a film.

However, the arrest is unlikely to be little more than a blip in the life and career of America's smiling sweetheart.

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