Getting her five a day - Sinead re-ignites Miley feud with Facebook pictures

SINGER Sinead O’Connor is in danger of reigniting her feud with Miley Cyrus, if these Facebook pictures are anything to go.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer has well publicised Twitter row with US singer in September after she wrote a series of open letters to the singer after her controversial appearance on the MTV Video Awards.

Now Sinead has posted tongue-in-cheeks photos of her posing provocatively with two cucumbers and a carrot.

She also appeared to be poking fun at Mily with the caption ‘If a picture paints a thousand words’.

Miley had twerked her way through her performance at the Video Music Awards where she danced provocatively with Robin Thicke as well as apparently feigning sexual acts with her dancers.

The spat between the singers began when O’Connor penned an open letter to the young pop star, warning her of the dangers of being exploited by the music industry.

“Nothing but harm will come in the long run from allowing yourself to be exploited,” the singer wrote in the letter directly after the controversial awards performance. 

Cyrus responded to the letter on Twitter by comparing O’Connor to troubled Hollywood star Amanda Bynes and posting a picture of tweets sent by the 46-year-old Dubliner two years ago when O’Connor  wrote that she needed to see a psychiatrist.

O’Connor continued to write that Miley should take responsibility of the fact that she admits she’s an idol for many young girls.

“You’ve acknowledged most of your fans are “very young”. You might therefore consider being careful regarding what signals you send those of them who may be feeling suicidal and would now be afraid to say so,” O’Connor wrote.

The 46-year-old also said Miley “encouraged enormous abuse” of herself and Amanda Bynes.

“Look Miley, what you did to myself and Amanda encouraged enormous abuse of us both, publicly and privately. And will certainly have made it difficult for young people who admire you and who may be suffering with mental health problems or suicidal ideation to feel they can be open and seek help, since you had us mocked for seeking help,” O’Connor wrote.

O’Connor finished her letter by saying her first had been written in the “spirit of motherly care”.

“You’re entitled to have told me to go f**k myself if u liked [sic],” she concluded.

“But to respond to it in a way that has caused so much personal harm and damage to me and to people who may struggle currently with suicidal feelings.”

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