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Firth's Darcy may have been naked?

Published 09/10/2013 | 13:16

Colin Firth's lake scene in Pride And Prejudice is one of TV's most memorable moments

Colin Firth could have appeared nude in his famous wet shirt scene in Pride And Prejudice, it has emerged.

Andrew Davies, who adapted the Jane Austen novel for the BBC's 1995 drama, said he penned the lake scene for Colin to be naked.

He said he did not know why the scene did not turn out as he planned, but joked that "it might be something about Colin's anxiety about love handles".

Colin's Mr Darcy emerges from the lake dripping wet in a white shirt before bumping into Elizabeth Bennett in the drama.

The Daily Telegraph quoted the writer as saying, while speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival: "The wet shirt scene was supposed to be a total male-frontal nudity scene, because that's how men went bathing in those days."

He added: "It wasn't just for titillating the audience. It was about nature and culture.

"It was my notion that Darcy was a natural man but he spent all his time constrained by the demands of society."

The eye-popping scene recently topped a poll to find the most memorable moment in British TV drama.

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