Thursday 21 September 2017

Feeling the heat Simon? Inside Cowell’s coterie of women

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If Simon Cowell appears a little uncomfortable in this holiday snap taken in Barbados at Christmas, it’s little wonder.

The music mogul found himself plonked in the midst of his ex fiancé, his ex-long term girlfriend, his lover now pregnant with his child, her husband, and perched on his knee is his godchild and daughter of his ex girlfriend.

The photo taken at a fashion show in Barbados at Christmas 2012 encapsulates the complicated love life of the £225 million mogul, who likes to surround himself with beautiful brunettes, and makes a point of remaining close to all his ex lovers.

Amongst Cowell's harem of close female friends, are 80’s singer Sinitta, former model Jackie St Clair, ex fiancé Meghan Hussainy and now Lauren Silverman, who is pregnant with his child. 

Cowell is frequently photographed holidaying with ex girlfriends in locations like St Barts and the Caribbean and on this particular holiday was joined by Lauren Silverman and her then real estate husband Andrew.

Who is who in the photo (from left):

Andrew Silverman

The millionaire casino owner who is divorcing his wife after it emerged she is pregnant by his friend Simon Cowell.  

Lauren Silverman

The 36-year-old New York socialite said to be 10 weeks pregnant with Simon Cowell’s baby. She bears a close resemblance to Cowell’s ex fiancé.

Mezhgan Hussainy

Make-up artist with Iranian blood, who became engaged to Cowell between 2009  - 2011 when he admitted that he was in love "for the first time.  He presented her with  a €5 million house in Hollywood as a goodbye gift.


Simon Cowell's former flame and confidante who is rarely far from his side. She  was less than impressed with the news that he is set to become a father with  Silverman.  She is divorced from her husband Andy Willner.

Magdalena & Zach

Sinitta’s seven-year-old adopted daughter and five-year-old son.  Simon Cowell is godfather both children. “He’s so much fun,” according to Sinitta. “They call him Silly Simon and climb all over him.”

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