Wednesday 28 June 2017

Eve's centre stage in battle of TV shows

Anne-Marie Walsh and Breda Heffernan

RISING star Eve Macklin has insisted there is no rivalry between RTE and TV3 when it comes to their home-produced dramas.

While the national broadcaster scored a ratings winner with its hit series 'Love/ Hate', TV3 will be hoping to emulate that success with its own offering, 'Deception', which hits screens next week.

And singer-turned-actress Eve has a ring-side seat on the TV turf war as she stars in both.

"As a jobbing actor, I'm always delighted when a good script comes in. It's not a competition – it's about work and doing my best for each director," she told the Irish Independent.

Eve, who plays gangster's moll Georgina on 'Love/ Hate' and high-achieving doctor Fiona on 'Deception', declined to pick a favourite.

"Fiona and Georgina are two completely different characters, each bringing its own demands," she said.

A former singer, Eve had almost given up on acting before she was offered the part of Georgina.

"Acting is not an easy profession, any actor will tell you.

"I'm lucky enough to have another string to my bow, and singing kept me afloat while I was looking for acting work," she added.

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