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Dropped Huberman dodged US bullet

Published 03/10/2012 | 05:00

ACTRESS Amy Huberman is no doubt counting her lucky stars, as the American sitcom she was dropped from has been slated by critics.

In what was tipped to be her big break Stateside, the 33-year-old was cast in the NBC network's 'Animal Practice' over the summer and travelled to the US to film the pilot.

However, Ms Huberman was then dropped by the series' producers, with actress Joanna Garcia (32) replacing her in the role.

But it seems that Huberman has dodged a bullet after all, as 'The New York Times' has described NBC's show as the "type of low brow comedy that actually makes you stupider".

The review then went on to say that 'Animal Practice' crossed the line "between wacky and desperate early and often".

The show follows the escapades of Dr George Coleman and his monkey sidekick Dr Rizzo.

The 'Hollywood Reporter' also panned the show insisting that the "cast were upstaged by the monkey".

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