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Bum parties, social fails and wins

Niall Byrne

Published 30/11/2012 | 18:00

What a week it's been for pop culture on the internet. Psy's ubiquitous novelty hit Gangnam Style has become the most watched YouTube video of all time with over 825 million views.

It took just four months for the video to topple Justin Bieber's Baby clip, which just goes to show that the global reach of all-time video records is still in its early days.

It took a young tween demographic to install Bieber at the top, but Psy's fun dance-routine video and tune made for so many more repeat plays in such a short time.

Rihanna took 150 journalists on a private jet for seven days for seven gigs in seven cities on what was dubbed the 777 tour.

The whole trip ended up being about the journalists, though, as Rihanna refused to engage with them for most of the trip and delayed the plane on the runway by not turning up, prompting cabin fever involving streaking Australian journalists and delirious shouts of: "save our jobs".

While Rihanna came across as a spoiled pop star, the amount of chatter about it meant that she benefitted most.

Elsewhere, perhaps one of the best things to happen on Twitter ever occurred.

Susan Boyle's social marketing team sent out tweets inviting people to the official album listening event with the unfortunate hashtag #susanalbumparty. The rude hashtag got picked up outside the demographic of SuBo fans and the whole thing fell into PR disaster/ laughing stock territory.

Next time you use a hashtag, make sure it doesn't inadvertently invite people to a party that makes your rump its marquee attraction.

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