Monday 24 July 2017

Bubbly Pat Kenny celebrates 65 years – with no plans to retire

Pat Kenny celebrates his 65th birthday with cake and a glass
of bubbly in his studio at RTE
Pat Kenny celebrates his 65th birthday with cake and a glass of bubbly in his studio at RTE

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

HE normally drinks water on his radio show. But broadcaster Pat Kenny was breaking out the bubbly yesterday as he turned 65.

However, aside from a glass of champagne, and a cake from his radio show team, it was business as usual for the RTE star .

"I certainly don't feel 65, or any of the things you associate with being 65. It's just a number to me, like 45," Kenny told the Irish Independent.

Retirement is certainly not an option for the RTE star, who cites Gay Byrne as his inspiration. Byrne turns 79 this August, meaning that Kenny has a long way to go yet to compete with the veteran's broadcasting record.

"Gay does two TV shows and his Lyric FM show, and chairs the Road Safety Authority. I'd love to follow Gay's example," he said.

And according to Byrne himself, Kenny has "never been sharper and better".

"I was listening to his radio show all last week and was struck by just how good Pat is as a broadcaster," he said.

"My advice to Pat is to forget about 65 and just keep going."

But there are also financial reasons for Kenny not retiring.

This week he spoke again of how various investments were "ambushed" and how he now needed to consolidate his financial position for his twilight years.

"I'm not broke but I did have investments, then this massive global recession arrived, which means their value has dropped, and I'm going to have to wait for their value to rise again," he said.

Any other birthday celebrations for Pat were put on hold as daughter Nicole (17) was starting her mock Leaving Cert exams. "I'm needed at home as a kind of stand-by supply teacher so if there's a party, it will be at the weekend," he said.

"Then it will be back to work as normal, and for many years to come, I hope."

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