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'Boycott Kim' campaign gains momentum as Kardashian backlash begins reporters

Published 22/12/2011 | 08:24

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images
Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty Images
American reality television star Kim Kardashian was the most searched for celebrity in 2011 according to internet giant Google
Kris Humphries is seeking to annul his 10-week marriage to Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian (centre) on her wedding day

AN online petition calling for people to boycott the Kardashian family is gathering huge support in the States.

Launched last month, the “Boycott Kim” campaign has almost 300,000 pledges from people not to buy anything endorsed by, or to watch any television shows or read a magazine that features the family.

The Kardashians have “made a mockery of American culture,” the petition states, and urges sponsors to break links with the family. People who sign the petition pledge to avoid shopping at any stores that carry Kardashian-branded merchandise and to never watch “any television show, movie or sex tape” that features Kim & co.

“We are fed up with companies that believe us to be ignorant and perhaps stupid enough to shop at their stores, buying their products promoted by talentless, tasteless and shameless parasite like Kim Kardashian,” one of the website’s founders explains.

The petition is targeting big American stores like Macy’s and Sears which sell products endorsed by the family – a list of the logos of over 40 products and magazines are carried on the website with the banner calling on people not to shop at or buy these products.

One of the founders of the petition has told a New York newspaper that if they reach half a million signatures businesses will have to take notice and that already stores like Sears are monitoring the website and reading reactions.

Tiffany French from Portland University who signed the petition said: “ I am glad to see Americans finally standing up against what happens in the media and reality television. Kim Kardashian sets a very poor example for all the younger people who view and watch her show. What has our society come to? “

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