Tuesday 30 May 2017

Bono’s noisy bird gets his neighbours in a ruffle

Bono's peahen has been causing a nuisance with its loud cries. Photo: Getty Images
Bono's peahen has been causing a nuisance with its loud cries. Photo: Getty Images
Bono's peahen as captured on camera by Killiney, Co Dublin, resident Susan McKeon
Susan McKeon

Kevin Keane

U2 FRONTMAN Bono is in trouble with his neighbours. But for once he is not the sole focus of attention.

Sightings of his peahen have been reported in numerous locations around the exclusive neighbourhood of Killiney in south Dublin.

The peahen, which is the less spectacularly coloured female partner to the male peacock, has been causing a nuisance with its loud cries and its "lovely messages" dumped on lawns, much to the annoyance of some residents.

Local woman Susan McKeon said she first noticed the bird on Monday night. "It was in my front garden," she told the Irish Independent.

"It had a tiny head and a huge body. It was actually quite ugly but I don't think it's fully grown." After capturing a few photographs of the bird, Ms McKeon phoned her local garda station for advice but was disappointed with the reaction.

"They said, 'Oh for God's sake, it's Bono's', and I said, 'What will I do with it?' and they said, 'I don't know, you can do what you want with it.' I replied, 'Well, supposing I kill it and put it in the oven?' and he actually said, 'I don't care.' He said to me that they had put too many man-hours into Bono's peacock."

Ms McKeon's tale was repeated by a number of people who told RTE Radio's 'Liveline' show yesterday of their troubles with the wandering bird.

Pauline McSweeney came across the peahen last week and was advised by Birdwatch Ireland to call her local garda station.

"They (the gardai) had already received a few calls about it and they reckoned it belonged to Bono and that he had received a pair as a present."

"It was there for about two days and then left. It went into my neighbour's house next door and left a lovely message for her on the lawn," Ms McSweeney added.

Last night the bird had moved on from Ms McKeon's front garden, presumably after failing to find what it was looking for.

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