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Best Celebrity Bromances

Published 19/05/2014 | 13:48

Fergus McFadden and Rob Kearney at the Sexton wedding in Adare
Fergus McFadden and Rob Kearney at the Sexton wedding in Adare

In light of Brad and Matthew’s balcony beer toss this weekend, we round up our favourite celeb-buddies.

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Arguably the most famous celebrity bromance, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were propelled into the spotlight thanks to their joint project Good Will Hunting in 1997. Childhood friends Matt and Ben are actually tenth cousins. The powerhouse duo have worked on ten films together.


Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been pals for over a decade. The dynamic duo are notorious for subliminal quips in their movies; in Oceans 13, Brad’s character Rusty tells Danny Ocean to “settle down and find a nice girlfriend” - a tongue in cheek reference to George’s eternal bachelor reputation. In response, Danny tells Rusty to try and keep weight off in between movies.

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Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been thick as thieves since 2001’s Zoolander. They have since starred in nine movies together, and are part of a wider group of celebrity mates nicknamed the “Frat Pack” which also includes Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell and Owen’s brother Luke.


As the foremen of Hip Hop, Jay-Z and Kanye West are so influential that the University of Missouri in America has devised a pop culture themed course of study ‘English 2169’ which has the two superstars as its primary focus. Their collaborative studio album Watch the Throne topped the charts in 2011.


An ideal family would include comedic actors Will Ferrell and John C. Riley as our Step Brothers. These pair aren’t afraid to publicly acknowledge their platonic relationship, evident from their infamous “kiss cam” moment at a Lakers game in 2011.


No bromance is complete without matching outfits. Case in point, Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler’s outing at Wimbledon last summer in coordinating powder-blue suits. This occasion will go down in Celeb-Selfie legend.


Seth Rogan and James Franco are so close that their parody of Kanye’s racy Bound 2 video seemed more natural than the original version. A hilarious photoshopped version of Kimye’s Vogue cover also appeared on Franco’s Instagram in April. This friendship stems back to 1999 when the pair met on the short lived TV show Freaks and Geeks.


Closer to home, Ireland and Leinster rugby players Rob Kearney and Fergus McFadden cemented their bromance when they attended the 2013 Leinster Rugby Awards together. Fergus tweeted a picture of the pair stating “me and my plus one at the ball”. Who needs a WAG anyway.

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Masterchef judge Dylan McGrath and Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham are practically joined at the proverbial hip. This unlikely duo are often pictured at high profile events together.


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