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An indecisive Louis Walsh causes controversy at first X Factor elimination

Published 08/10/2012 | 07:42

XFactor judge Louis Walsh.  Photo: PA
XFactor judge Louis Walsh. Photo: PA
Carolynne Poole who became the first to be booted off this season's X Factor. Photo: PA
Louis Walsh

COUNTRY singer Carolynne Poole became the first to be booted off this season's X Factor after a controversial and tension-fuelled elimination saw judge Louis Walsh unable to make up his mind and go to a deadlock.

Poole and flamboyant Rylan Clark were in the bottom two and were forced into a sing off

Walsh had the final vote and he appeared unable to make up his mind for several minutes. He said: "Carolynne I love country music and I love what you bring to the competition. Rylan you're the entertainment factor, I love what you do."

That left host Dermot O'Leary frustrated and he urged Walsh to hurry up and make a call. O'Leary said: "Who you sending home... we're running out of time, now Louis. Louis make the call, I need a name now."

To help keep her contestant on the show, Scherzinger was arguing her case to Walsh from the other side of the judge's table. "It's entertainment, it's the X Factor, there's nobody else like Rylan on the show," Scherzinger said.

After several minutes of commotion, Walsh finally said: "It's a really difficult one. I'm going to go with Carolynne I want to keep Carolynne."

Walsh, who appeared overwhelmed by the decision, then muttered something inaudible. "So you're going to send home Rylan?" O'Leary said. "Who are you sending home Louis, what did you just say?" Unable to reaffirm that he wanted Clark out of the competition, he said: "I want to take it to deadlock."

A deadlock means that both performers in the bottom two have an equal number of the judges' votes and the singer with the least number of public votes will be sent home. This led to O'Leary opening up an envelope and announcing that Poole would be leaving the competition.

Furious with the decision, Barlow got out of his chair and stormed out of the studio. Poole said: "I'm okay, I'm glad Rylan's got a shot because you know he's been given a bit of a tough time and he's a nice guy."

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