'A Woman's Heart' artists back together after 21 years and 750,000 copies

THEY thought it might shift three thousand copies – if they were lucky.

Instead it went on to become one of the biggest selling Irish albums of all time.

Twenty-one years later, the Irish female artists who featured on ‘A Woman’s Heart’ are back together to mark the anniversary.

Eleanor McEvoy will be joined by Hermione Hennessy, Sharon Shannon, Mary Coughlan and new addition Gemma Hayes for a special anniversary concert in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre in August.

“It wasn’t meant to be a big thing at the time” singer Eleanor McEvoy told the Irish Independent.

“A Woman’s Heart was a very low budget project. We recorded in the studio during the night because it was cheaper. I remember Mary Black coming in to us at two in the morning to sing her part of the title track’s duet.

“We were told it could shift about three thousand copies and that was massive for me,” she added.

Eleanor McEvoy, Sharon Shannon & Gemma Hayes who will play live at the Olympia Theatre this August
Pic:Mark Condren
Eleanor McEvoy, Sharon Shannon & Gemma Hayes who will play live at the Olympia Theatre this August Pic:Mark Condren

“We couldn’t believe it when it just kept on climbing the charts.”

The album went on to sell more than 750,000 copies in Ireland, and nearly a million copies worldwide.

Newcomer Gemma have promised fans a good night.

“It’s a very diverse group of women. It keeps the night fresh,” singer Gemma Hayes said.

“We have half an hour each for our solo session and then we all join in for a fantastic jam at the end.”

A Woman’s Heart reunited on stage for a total of nine shows last year – and the women were struck by the type of people who attended the gigs.

“I saw twenty-something-year-olds in the audience,” Eleanor said.

“Some were with their mothers and grandmothers and that’s when it struck me that this album has influenced so many generations of women.”

Eleanor had yet to begin her recording career when the album was released and became a renowned singer and musician overnight.

“I had always wanted other people to sing my songs. I was advised to start singing them myself first and just couldn’t believe it when Mary Black asked me to sing my song Only A Woman’s Heart as the album’s title track,” she said.

For musician Sharon Shannon, whose career was already in full swing, A Woman’s Heart only brought more success.

“It was, and still is, massive,” Sharon said, “It had such a positive influence on all of us.”

A Woman’s Heart will be at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on August 28.29,30 and 31.

Tickets are from €19 including booking fee available from Ticketmaster.

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