Would you get the 'tomato' haircut?

The 'tomato' haircut
The 'tomato' haircut

The hair trend taking the Asian blogosphere by storm

How far would you go to start a trend? If your answer is shaping and dyeing your hair to mimic that of a tomato, congratulations - you're braver than we are.

The Japanese fashion set have always been one step ahead of the game, and sometimes not even in the same playing field as the rest of us. Hipster hair salon Trick Store in Osaka has debuted their tomato cut, which includes a mohawk, topknow and weaving different colours into the 'stem' on the top of your head.

It was created by a stylist called Hiro, who, we presume, is too hip to be square.

The style is not only impractical, but we imagine, a short-lived fad as the dyes fade rather quickly and it's more than a little high maintenance spending your days matching the crown of your head to a juicy vegetable. Not impossible though.

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