Glowing reviews for some smooth face oil operators

Woman spa.
Woman spa.

Putting oil on the face seems like a nightmare waiting to happen: who wants to shine like the moon? If you put the right oil on your face, you will glow like the moon, and there's a difference.

Glowing equals youth, and who doesn't want to look radiant? Got some serious likes going on below.

CLARINS Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, €43.50


This may be my fave of the bunch, in a close tie with the Kiehl's. It's anti-aging and hydrating, and it blends rosewood, blue orchid and patchouli -- rather heavily on the latter, so if you're not a fan, you won't like.

You'll get a good four months out of this.

BODY SHOP Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil: Dry Oil for Body, Face & Hair, €15


Great on the body, okay on the face, 'yikes' on the hair.

As to the latter, if you use it on the ends and maybe on the mid-lengths, you'll be okay. Anywhere near the roots is a disaster. I liked this fine on the face, but only at night.

KIEHL'S Midnight Recovery Concentrate, €42


Like this loads: it's light, dry oil that gives great coverage in only a few drops. It is rather heavy on the lavender, which is great for sleepytime, if that scent appeals to you.

I can take it or leave it; when I do take it, I awake fresh-faced and raring to go.

DARPHIN Chamomile Aromatic Care, €52.50


This is a precious little elixir, emphasis on both adjectives, which is a bit tricky. It feels gorgeous going on, a lovely dry-oil texture, but the bottle is only wee at 15mls. If you've got skin in desperate need of soothing, then what price relief?

LACURA FACE CARE Night Renewal Elixir, €8.99


Thick and sticky, you'll only use a little bit -- otherwise it feels like it will never absorb. Well, you'll get massive value out of it, considering the price.

Not my fave of the bunch.

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, €54


Very similar in texture to the Lacura and many times the price, this operates on the same principle of 'less is more', but it absorbs better and leaves the skin feeling more supple on contact. I did feel, upon waking, that my skin felt somewhat sticky. I used even less, and it worked well.

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