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Anne Hathaway’s nipples make a bid for stardom

Bibby Sowray

Published 25/02/2013 | 13:31

It was indeed indeed the darts of her dress that caused the material to 'point'
Despite looking flawless in a beautiful powder-pink Prada gown, the bust darts were drawing a lot of attention on Twitter

Just like Angelina Jolie's right leg last year, Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway's apparently 'alert' nipples inspired their own Twitter account and a flurry of cheeky hashtags last night

Poor Anne Hathaway, she's not been served well by fashion of late.


Having just about lived down a lady garden flashing incident, courtesy of an underwear-unfriendly Tom Ford dress, we're pretty sure she was keen to avoid anything similar happening at the Oscars.



But despite looking flawless in a beautiful powder-pink Prada gown, the actress failed to notice that the bust darts were drawing attention about 8 inches south of her dazzling smile (but thankfully north of her you-know-what).

Enter @HathawayNipple and genius hashtag #LesNipplerables - this year's @AngiesRightLeg - for proof if ever we needed it that nothing escapes the Twitterati.


"We'd just like to point out that we won Best Supporting Actress without *any* support. #Oscars," confirmed the account. ROFL, LOL etc etc.



On Hathaway's behalf, we'd like to emphasise that it was indeed the darts of her dress, although we know reality doesn't stand in the way of good old Twitter banter. And thankfully for her she was to be outdone on the embarrassment scale - we're pretty sure she breathed a huge sigh of relief when Jennifer Lawrence took a tumble and, like moths to a flame (or should we say a baby to a nipple...sorry), the Twitter bunch quickly latched on. They're a fickle lot.

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