Sunday 23 July 2017

Duck-tossing and 20 other weird wedding traditions from around the world

Everyone loves a good wedding. Spirits are high, drinks are flowing, the best man is shaving the groom, the mother-in-law is throwing ducks at the bride… Newsdesk Newsdesk

Weddings are different for every culture around the world and while we Irish might be well accustomed to the idea of beheading a small Child of Prague statue and burying in the back garden for good weather, to other countries that practise could seem a little odd.

While the mother-in-law throwing anything other than a strop would be a surprise to most, in Korea she throws ducks, made out of wood, at the bride on her wedding day. If the bride catches said duck, her first born will be a boy, and if she misses, the first born will be a girl. So the tradition goes.

And in Venezuela, newlyweds give so-called 'Irish goodbyes' a new meaning as it's considered good luck if the bride and groom manage to sneak off early without any of their guests noticing they've even gone! Charming!

See these and all the other unusual customs that give weddings their unique touch all over the world in this handy infographic below!

Infographic courtesy of 888Poker
Infographic courtesy of 888Poker

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