Thursday 17 August 2017

Exclusive: The do's and don'ts of an Irish wedding revealed

The hands of a marriage.
The hands of a marriage.
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Are we doing weddings right or wrong? Or is there even such a thing?

Independent Style surveyed our readers for answers on some of the most pressing questions we had about wedding decorum - from how much it costs per ceremony, to dress codes to how drunk you should be getting.

The average Irish guest spends €150 on a gift (54%) while those spending over €200 and under €100 were split at 24% each.

And most of you would say no to a wedding abroad if it was too expensive - in fact, 96% would.

When it comes to being a bridesmaid, it looks like we're still conflicted about how to behave - 54% said they would say no to being a bridesmaid, while 44% say you have to grin and bear it.

As for the dress, 51% would say if they hated their bridesmaid dress, while 49% wouldn't be brave enough to tell the bride they hate their gúna.

The dress code is still up for debate as 62% believe that a black tie wedding doesn't mean you have to wear a full length gown, but one thing that isn't up for discussion is the colour white.

77% say it's inappropriate to wear white as a wedding guest, but a particularly brave 23% think it's okay to wear whatever colour you want in this day and age.

To make up for it, you can get them a good gift. And most of you think that cash always works - just 26% would stick to the gifts where they're registered (if they are) while 74% of you think cash always works.

And wedding behaviour is still a hot talking point as 58% of you would ask a guest to leave if they were behaving in appropriately, while 42% believe you have to suck it up if your guest doesn't know when to stop.

Speaking of when to stop, a whopping 72% don't think it's okay for a bride to get drunk on her big day, but 28% understand that flowing champagne can be hard to control. As for the groom, 73% are against the husband-to-be going on the lash night before.

Finally, what it all comes down to - the cost. As

The average Irish wedding guest spends at least €300 per wedding - when you calculate the cost of accommodation, gift, hair and not to mention makeup, shoes, petrol. It all adds up.

43% spend €300 or less, 37% spend €500 or less, 16% spend €200 or less and 4% spend €100 or less.

We'll be discussing all this and more at our Bridal Bootcamp on Wednesday, October 5 with the gibson Hotel.

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